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The classical dance form Bharatanatyam

Performed by disabled people on wheelchairs from the Ability Unlimited Foundation in India.

They write: “Today it is our privilege that the most respected classical dance form Bharatanatyam can be performed by disabled people on wheel chairs. The complete adavu (steps), jathi (combination of advus), thirmanams (sequence of pure rhythmic dance composed of adavu-jathis) are reinvented on wheels and these are performed with absolute precision. Wheel chairs have great advantage to perform many steps, to mention a few like rangakramana adavu (covering the stage), bhramari (spins), jaru adavu (sliding), with speed and precision. The spinning speed of a wheel chair is faster than an accomplished dancer’s spins! The speed on wheel chairs is about 100 kms/hr. They have excelled both in Nritta and Nritya.”

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—Like Real People Do

honey just put your sweet lips on my lips

we should just kiss like real people do

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—Ice Cream Anthem (VIP)



Vance Joy

—From Afar

Vance Joy - From Afar

Well I’ve been living on the crumbs of your love
and I’m starving now

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i bought a new bathing suit today and holy fuck i look good


"A flowering plant, henna is used as a dye, particularly in hair colouring, and temporary body art known as mehndi (also written as mehendi or mehandi). The dye is extracted from the dried leaf and petioles of the plant. Mehndi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration. It is usually drawn on the hands and feet, where the designs will last the longest. "

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you know what the best part of blake and prentiss hooking up would be?

cunning linguist jokes

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stop bringing up a character’s abuse backstory once and then never mentioning it again and ignoring the impact of it 2k14